How to Stop the Next Korean War

The Korean War has raged for decades.

It is now a global conflict.

It’s also a source of national pride for the South Korean people.

The U.S. has been a major contributor to the Korean War through its blockade of the country and its invasion of the South.

Now, the Korean people have the chance to reverse that trend, and to create an end to the war in the North.

Here are 10 steps to end the Korean war in South Korea.


End the Korean Wars on the Korean Peninsula 2.

End U.N. sanctions against South Korea 3.

End Seoul’s U.NC position on the U.K. 4.

End South Korea’s economic embargo 5.

End Korean War in North Korea 6.

End all forms of economic coercion 7.

End hostilities between the U-S.

and North Korea 8.

End North Korean threats of preemptive nuclear strikes 9.

Establish a cease-fire 10.

Stop all military exercises in South Korean waters