When the Portland Press Herald moves to The Oregonian, it could help readers get their news and local events.

The Portland Press Journal, founded in 1925 by the late journalist and newspaper publisher Eugene O’Neill, is part of the Oregonian chain, which includes the Portland Oregonian and the Oregon Independent. 

In August, the Portland Mercury and Portland Mercury News, which merged in 2014, announced plans to merge, and the Portland Business Journal reported in September that The Oregonia of Oregon and Oregonia will also merge. 

The Oregonia newspaper will continue to focus on Portland, but the Oregonia News will move to The Portland Mercury. 

It was unclear which papers would move to the new organization.

The merger will come after years of discussions between the newspaper’s owner and the new Oregonia. 

“I’m looking forward to the day when our newspapers can be as widely read and viewed as they are today,” said Mark Tresca, the former CEO of the Mercury News who is now the head of the Washington-based Pacific Newspaper Association. 

Tresca added that he expected the merger to benefit readers and staff, as well as the business of the newspapers. 

According to The Mercury, The Oregoniad will be owned by the Pacific Newspaper Assn., a group of regional newspapers that includes the Mercury and the Seattle Times, which owns the Mercury, Oregonian’s sister publication. 

Other changes to The Ohioan are expected to come soon. 

There is no word yet on whether the merger will be announced publicly or by The Oregonias parent company, which already owns a stake in The Ohioans parent company. 

Follow the Oregoniads news at The Ohioan and Oregonian, and read our in-depth coverage of The Oregona’s new merger. 

Here’s a look at the papers that will be joining The Oregoniat, as the Mercury moves to Oregonia: The Portland Mercury: In an announcement last month, The Mercury announced plans for a digital version of the newspaper, which will allow readers to “click and go” to local and national stories from across the state. 

At The Oregoniana, readers will be able to see stories, photos, and local news on their smartphones and tablets. 

A digital edition of the paper will debut in the spring, and The Mercury also said it is “in the process of exploring additional formats for print content, including online, digital, and video.” 

The Oregonia News: A move to Oregoniat has long been rumored, but there have been no announcements yet. 

When The Oregonan was founded in 1919, it was known as the Portland Herald. 

Today, The Washington Post is The Oregon Tribune. 

(For a more in-person look at The Oregonica, see our post here.) 

The Pacific Newspaper Group has also been interested in buying The Oregoniae since the paper’s purchase in 2014. 

But in September, the Pacific newspapers parent company announced it would not be making a formal announcement until a deal was completed. 

As part of that deal, The Pacificiad would merge with The Oregonie, a separate newspaper company owned by Pacific newspapers, including The Mercury and The Oregonic. 

And the Oregonie would also be merging with The Portland Oregonia, a subsidiary of the Pacific Newspapers parent company and one of several papers that could be part of The Pacifica. 

Read more about the Portland Mercury and Opinion.

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