The Post’s new cover story on FBI director McCabe’s resignation story: “Busted”

by Rachel Weiner and Mike DeBonis, The Washington Post article The Post is reporting on FBI Director James B. McCabe’s decision to resign and the investigation into his firing.

McCabe is stepping down after a months-long investigation that focused on his handling of the FBI’s Russia probe.

He has not been charged with a crime, and he was the subject of a criminal investigation by the Justice Department into his interactions with Russian officials.

A report from The New York Times on Wednesday said that McCabe has “been cooperating” with the FBI.

But McCabe has also been under intense scrutiny from Democrats and some Republicans in the Senate.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump said McCabe’s firing had “emboldened Russia.”

McCabe has said he was fired because he had not followed “best practices.”

On Thursday, he said that “we all have the right to pursue our own independent, nonpartisan investigations into this matter.”

The Post article said that the FBI has been reviewing the firing of McCabe and that the bureau is “aware of other investigations that are ongoing that may be unrelated to the FBI Director’s role in the Russia investigation.”

The report said the FBI is “committed to working closely with our federal partners, including the Department of Justice, to ensure that they fully cooperate in this matter and will continue to do so.”