New York Times, ABC News to launch a podcast of their own

The New York Times has announced a partnership with the ABC News Digital platform to launch an all-new podcast called The ABC News Morning Blend.

The podcast, which is slated to launch in March, will be hosted by the paper’s national news team, including senior editor Michael Scherer, senior correspondent Dan Dicks, senior political reporter Laura Sydell, and senior editor Nick Kristof.

While the program will primarily focus on national news, Scherer will also host an “inside look” podcast in which the paper will delve into local news and local issues.

It will be the paper ‘s first attempt at launching a podcast, but the paper is already working with other digital platforms like Vice, The New Yorker, and Slate.

“We’ve been listening to the podcast community, and it’s really resonated with what we’re trying to do,” Scherer told The New York Post.

“There’s so much stuff to discuss in these local issues, it’s just really helpful to be able to share that.”

It is not clear whether the podcast will be available for download or if it will be exclusive to the Times.

Scherer said that “it’s certainly not a free-for-all” and that the paper has a number of content priorities.

According to the New York Magazine, Schere is an experienced news producer with a background in national and international reporting, including covering foreign policy and counterterrorism.

His work has also been widely recognized for his “inside-the-beltway” style.

He was named to the “Inside Washington” team at the Associated Press in 2014, and has covered issues ranging from the Occupy Wall Street movement to the Iraq War.

In 2014, he won a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of an investigation into the death of a Florida man who died in custody after being charged with a violent crime.

Earlier this year, he was honored with a Pulitzer for coverage that was focused on the New Orleans floods.

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