How to get the most out of a Craigslist ad: Craigslist ad busted

An Orlando newspaper was busted by the Federal Trade Commission on Monday for a Craigslist advertisement that promised to deliver newspapers for $200 to customers.

In a video posted to Craigslist in January, a man identified as “Benny” offered to deliver a paper from a van with the promise of $200 per newspaper, as well as $100 cash and an apartment in downtown Orlando.

The video, which was first reported by the Orange County Register, was posted two months after a video of a similar delivery operation in San Diego was released to the public.

A spokesman for the Federal Communications Commission said Monday that the commission received a complaint about the Craigslist ad in May and has since launched an investigation.

The spokesman said the complaint was filed against the newspaper and not the van that delivered the paper.

The Craigslist video was removed from Craigslist in March, but the ad was back on the site Monday.

After the video was deleted, the Craigslist post was reinstated.

The man who posted the ad said he was trying to find a job, according to the complaint.

He said he had an apartment to rent in Orlando, but couldn’t find anyone willing to rent him one.

“I don’t know who they are,” the man said in the video.

“I know it’s a bad thing.

I just can’t get over it.”

The man said he knew someone in San Diego and offered to drive the van.

He added he had never had a job.

The advertisement included a video, and the man also posted photos of himself and the van in a hotel room.

Benny said the Craigslist job offered him $100 per week.

He claimed the job would take place in downtown Florida.

He also said he would be renting a van and would get paid for his work.

During his interview, the man admitted to posting the Craigslist advertisement to lure potential customers, according, the complaint filed against him.

He allegedly claimed to have worked for a trucking company in Orlando.

An investigator with the Federal Bureau of Investigation also said in an affidavit that the Craigslist video violated federal rules that prohibit false or misleading advertising.

The complaint also alleges that the person who posted a Craigslist video also failed to disclose the fact that the advert was a commercial advertisement and was not a solicitation.

Calls to Benny’s phone and a phone number listed for him were not returned.

On the website, the Orlando Sentinel said it had hired Benny to deliver paper and that the company would reimburse him $5,000 for the paper delivery.

A representative from the newspaper could not immediately be reached for comment.