How to watch the Republican debate and more coverage: CNBC

By MARK KARLINAPIC / AP U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., and his running mate, state Sen. Bill Cassidy, R, spoke at the GOP debate on Thursday night.

Here’s what to know about them.


Where is Tim Scott?

The Senate majority leader is scheduled to appear on stage at 9 p.m.


His campaign has not released a full schedule of events.

His vice presidential pick, former Texas Gov.

Ron DeSantis, is expected to appear at the same time.

He’s not expected to have a major media presence, but Scott’s office says he will be in attendance.


Who is Bill Cassidy?

The South Carolina Republican has been leading a Senate committee in crafting the debate format, which is to be led by former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

He is expected on stage with Scott and DeSantes.


What’s the debate about?

A moderator will be asked to choose two questions to cover in a given section, a set of six questions that can range from issues to the state of the economy to foreign policy to the role of the president.

Each of the six questions can be answered by either side, and the two sides then pick a question for the moderator to choose from among them.

There will be no questions on abortion, gay marriage, guns or climate change.


Where will the debate take place?

The first debate is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 16 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, Calif.

The second will be held on Oct. 2 at the University of Denver.


What are the rules?

The debates will be aired live on CNBC by CNBC’s Chief Economics Editor Jim Cramer and CNBC’s senior political analyst Julia Belluz.

The debate will be moderated by CNBC political commentator Carl Quintanilla.


Who’s in the Republican presidential debate?

The candidates will appear on stages at 8 p..m., 8:30 p.x, 9 p:30, 10 p.y and 10:30 a.m.; in the debate room at 8:15 p.i; and in the main debate room of the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, at 10:15 a.t.

A moderator is expected in the Quicker Than Pie-style debate room.


When is the debate?

At 9 p, the Republican debates will air on CNBC at 10 p., and the Republican candidates will have 10 minutes to answer questions in the final debate.


Who has been selected to moderate the Republican national debate?

Candidates will have to meet the criteria of being a candidate or former candidate of the Republican Party of the United States to be eligible for the role.

The candidates include Scott, DeSants and Scott’s running mate Rep. Bill Cravaack, who is not running for re-election.


What about other Republicans?

Former New York Gov.

George Pataki, Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov.

Sarah Palin and former Alaska Gov.

Rich Littlefield are among those who are being considered to moderate Republican national debates.


Can I watch the debate live?

Yes, you can watch the full debate online.

However, the main Republican debate, held on Saturday, Oct. 6, will be available on CNBC from 8 p to 9 p ET.

The network will also offer a second, less formal, debate on Oct 7.


What else is on the Republican National Committee website?

You can find more details about the debates on the RNC website.


Is the Republican party planning to put the debates online?

The RNC website says the GOP will host a series of debates on CNBC starting with a general election debate on Dec. 12 and an upcoming general election on Dec 22.

The party plans to have additional debates in the future on CNN and MSNBC.


Will the debates be live on YouTube?


The RNC will not put the debate online, but the party will be streaming the proceedings.

The videos will be archived and will be accessible online.


What other Republicans have appeared on stage in the GOP debates?


Scott Walker of Wisconsin has appeared in a debate before, but it was on CNBC and was streamed online.

He also spoke in the first Republican presidential debates on Jan. 31.

He and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas have appeared in the debates.


Who will be speaking?

The Republican presidential candidates are expected to address the nation’s governors on Wednesday and Thursday.

The GOP candidates will also have a chance to discuss their policy proposals during the televised debate.


Who else is speaking?

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected at the Republican and Democratic national conventions.

He will be a guest of Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

Sen., Rand Paul of Kentucky, will address the Republican convention.

Sen, Marco Rubio of