How Montana became the most racist state in America

Montana is the state with the lowest rate of acceptance of refugees and refugees in the country.

It is also the state that has the most open-border policy, which has led to the country’s largest influx of asylum seekers in a generation.

The Montana state legislature is considering a bill that would require local governments to admit asylum seekers who apply for temporary residence.

But with more than 3,000 refugees and asylum seekers living in Montana each year, the state legislature has been divided on the issue.

The bill is being debated in the Montana House, where many Republicans say it would allow more people into the state, while the bill’s opponents argue that it would not provide enough space for refugees and others.

The debate comes at a time when Montana is under increasing pressure to admit more refugees, as a new report by the New York Times and the Center for Immigration Studies said that only 17% of the country accepted new refugees last year.

The study found that only 16% of those who arrived in the US in 2016 had been accepted.

The number of refugees who came to the US was down by 20% from 2015, when more than 8,000 people were admitted to the United States. More: