How to access the BBC News website in Nigeria

Nigeria is home to the most expensive newspaper subscriptions in the world, but it has a big problem with the internet.

For the latest news on the country’s financial crisis, check out our blog article News source BBC Sports title The cheapest UK newspaper subscriptions article The BBC has published an infographic showing how much the cheapest newspaper subscriptions are in the UK, and what you need to know to access them.

The average UK newspaper is $2.20, with an average daily print edition of $10.75.

A single day’s paper costs $1.20 (£0.87), while a monthly subscription costs $4.80 (£3.38).

To access the website in the Nigerian capital of Abuja, simply click on the green banner above the home page, or the ‘Home’ menu, to launch the page.

The homepage can be accessed from any computer, mobile phone or tablet.

The cost of a single day of news is $1 (£0