Android app allows users to search through photos from social media

The Android app lets users search for friends, family, and friends of people on Facebook and Twitter by keyword, according to a report published Wednesday by The Verge.

Users can search by friends and family, friends of friends, and photos.

The app also provides a search bar for friends and relatives, a search box for friends on other social networks, and an emoji search for pictures on Instagram.

“It’s very easy to navigate, and it’s pretty straightforward,” said James Cone, a senior product manager at Trend Micro, a social media analytics company.

The company’s research showed that the app has 1.2 million daily active users and has 4 million active installs.

Trend Micro’s analysis shows that more than half of users on the app have friends or family members.

Trend Macro found that more people on the platform are searching for photos that were shared via Facebook or Twitter than photos shared on Facebook or Instagram.

The App can also display photos of friends and people on Instagram with their friends and families.

“The idea is to help people find the people they are looking for, whether it’s friends or people who they know,” Cone said.

Facebook and Instagram have recently begun pushing a series of updates that are designed to make their services more convenient and more useful.

Twitter, Google, and Microsoft also launched social networking services in the U.S. on Wednesday that will allow users to create a profile on those services, and also to search for their friends.