Obama administration admits to hiring illegal immigrant for CIA contract

The US government has admitted to hiring an illegal immigrant in 2015 to work for its CIA contractor, despite being warned the job was dangerous and could put lives at risk.

Key points:The US Senate voted to confirm David H. Miller, a contractor with the CIA, as directorIn a statement, the Obama administration said he was the first of the five to be nominated to the jobThe agency said it did not disclose the details of his employment because of the “potential for civil liberties concerns”He had worked at the agency for more than two years, according to a statement from the CIA on Tuesday.

The agency’s statement said that while Miller was employed by the agency as a contractor, he was not part of its regular, full-time workforce.

He was also working as a contract worker at the CIA contractor’s headquarters, according the statement.

He worked at a CIA facility in Virginia, where the CIA is based, and at a location that the agency did not specify.

He had been hired as a CIA contractor by the CIA in 2015, according a statement by the US Senate.

In a letter sent to the CIA last month, senators asked the agency to reveal all details about Miller’s work, including how he was hired and why he was paid by the department.

They said it was a “dangerous and potentially dangerous position for any individual to have”.

Miller has worked for the CIA for nearly two years and is one of five nominees confirmed to the post by the Senate, according.

He has been nominated to be CIA director by Republican President Donald Trump.