How to buy a local newspaper subscription?

Newscasters are still paid in cash, but that could change. 

The New South Wales Government is launching a subscription service that will allow residents to pay for their newspaper through their smartphones. 

“It’s a little bit like a taxi fare, but it’s a subscription to the newspaper,” a spokesperson said.

“You have to register with us and it will be your local paper.”

The new service is to be offered by the state’s newspapers, and is being developed by the State Press Alliance, a lobby group for the industry.

“The reason for that is to ensure we get more local newspapers in the market, not fewer,” the spokesperson said, “so that we can continue to give our local journalists more opportunities.” 

The State Press Association says it wants the new service to compete with digital delivery services such as Uber, which have been accused of gouging drivers and the taxi industry for years.

The new system will be similar to how they offer local news through their newspaper apps. 

It is the latest attempt by the Government to bring local news to a digital age, following a similar scheme announced last year that allowed residents to subscribe to local newspapers online for $20 a year.

The ABC’s The National has been asked if the State is prepared to roll out the new scheme as soon as possible.