Conservative newspapers lose their readership as online conservatism dies

Conservative newspapers are losing readership.

As they lose readership, they are losing the ability to tell a story, writes Nick Cohen.

Wired, September 2, 2021At least one major newspaper, the New York Times, is shedding its conservative readership altogether.

The New York Daily News, for example, is losing around 30,000 daily readers over the past six months, and is shedding some 1,000 staffers.

The Daily News is a popular conservative publication with an influential online following.

The paper’s digital strategy is working: The Times has gained more than 6 million daily readers since September, while the number of readership declines.

But online readership is shrinking fast.

In May, there were 7.8 million daily Facebook users.

By the end of May, that number had dropped to 6.1 million.

By June, the paper was losing about 10,000 readers per day.

Now, that figure is falling by more than half a million daily.

The New York Post is also losing readers over its own platform, with the number declining by more the same number over the same period.

The Post is losing about 30,00 readers a day, and its readership has fallen by more 100,000.

The paper has lost nearly 4 million daily users, and it’s losing its readers in a way that will affect its business and its advertisers.

The Los Angeles Times is losing its digital audience at the same time that it’s also losing the paper’s readers.

The Los Angeles Daily News and the Times-Picayune are both losing their digital audience.

The Daily News has lost about 9,500 daily readers, and the Los Angeles paper is losing some 6,500 readers a month.

The newspaper is losing advertisers, too, losing a lot of them.

The San Francisco Chronicle is losing a big chunk of its digital readers over a period of time, but it’s still losing its online readers.

It’s losing about 3.5 million daily active readers.

As a result, the Los Vegas Review-Journal, which has had some online readers since the 1970s, is also going through a loss.

Its digital audience is shrinking, and many of its advertisers are losing their ads.

The Tampa Bay Times is a different story.

Its online audience is growing, but its online advertising revenue is declining.

Its ads are dropping.

Its advertisers are dropping by a third.

It lost about 3,000 people a day over the last six months.

The Tampa Bay paper has dropped by nearly 10,500.

The Cincinnati Enquirer, which is also online, has a different problem.

Its print readership peaked in the 1980s.

Its audience is declining rapidly, and there is no guarantee that its digital ad revenue will remain strong.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is another conservative paper that has been losing its audience.

Its numbers have dropped by about 8,000 over the period of its online audience loss.

It has lost a big share of its print readers.

And the Chicago Tribune, which was losing a share of online readers, is getting smaller.

The Tribune lost a little more than 10,300 daily readers in the last quarter.

But it is gaining digital readers, which means that it is losing even more print readers, more advertisers, and less advertisers.

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