When was the last time you clicked on a newspaper?

I’ve always been a reader.

But the moment I discovered the New Statesman in the late 1980s, I knew I was going to love it.

Newspaper layout: It’s a very big place.

It’s all around you, so you don’t miss it.

It looks like it could be the place where you sit and read a newspaper.

There’s so much going on in the front page, so when I first saw the front of it, I thought it looked like the Daily Mail.

I thought, ‘Oh, no.

I want to be a Daily Mail reader’.

It’s the same thing with the front pages, which are just full of headlines.

The front page is the one you read first.

You see what’s going on.

And then, you know, the back page.

And that’s where you go in to see what the news is all about.

And you’ll be like, ‘That’s what I’m here for’.

I’ve always loved newspapers, but I just wanted to get my own, so I started reading the newspaper.

I never liked the whole ‘big picture’.

It was a little bit like reading the Daily Express or the Daily Telegraph.

I just want to see a headline.

But, as I got older, I was starting to feel more comfortable with it.

I loved how you can’t really see the news from the front and the back, and so you’re left to pick up what you can see, which is what you read and what you see.

I think it’s great because, in some ways, you can actually see it on TV.

It also gives you an insight into the day-to-day life of people living in the same place, like your neighbour or your neighbour’s son.

When I first got the New South Wales newspapers, I’d read them from a distance and didn’t realise what they were saying.

But now, I think, if I could read from the back I would know what was going on because I’d be able to relate to them.

I’ve noticed that newspapers get a lot of attention when they’re published.

But I think the newspapers themselves, they’re also very much about the people in them.

They’re about what the people are doing, about what they’re feeling.

They can also be really important to people, like the way they deal with life.

I always thought that the papers were about me, and I felt I was reading the papers because I wanted to read about myself.

I still feel that way, because I don’t have a diary anymore.

If you do have a blog, then I think you’re just more of an outsider, so maybe it’s a different way to read the papers.

You might think, ‘OK, I can relate to what they are saying’.

But it doesn’t feel like you’re reading from a position of power.

You’re just reading from the perspective of the reader.

You can’t read it from a pedestal.

The biggest thing is that you don’ get the whole story, which gives you the confidence to go out there and make some changes.

You’re always going to be more of a reader than a writer.

And you can always change your mind later.

Sometimes, the paper is just a guide.

It can give you a little more insight into what’s happening, but you’re not necessarily going to have that in real life.

You’ll always have to be looking at the headlines.

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