Sudanese court orders trial of former Sudanese President in Sudan

A Sudanese government court has sentenced former President Omar al-Bashir to death, the country’s leading state-run news agency reported.

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) announced the verdict on Sunday, citing a new court ruling that said Bashir, 70, was a “terrorist” for his alleged role in the Sudanese civil war and that he was ordered to die.

“We have reached a decision that our people’s President Omar Bashir is to be executed for treason,” SPLA spokesperson Abdulmalek Abdulla told reporters.

Bashir was sentenced to death by the Special Court of Appeal in Khartoum, the largest city in the country, in July 2018.

His sentence was announced on Saturday, with a deadline of Friday.

The former president, who was in exile for more than two decades, has long been under scrutiny in Sudan.

His government was accused of crimes including genocide, genocide and crimes against humanity in Sudan during the war that erupted in March 2011 between Sudanese and rebel forces.

The war resulted in nearly 1.5 million people being killed.

His supporters have said he was framed by Sudan’s military leadership and the U.N. Special Envoy to Sudan, Luba Tomlinson.

Bashirs trial, a rare move in the former U.S. ally’s history, comes after a Supreme Court decision last month to annul the court’s ruling on Bashirs death.

The decision was based on the argument that the ruling had been rushed and Bashir did not deserve a fair trial.

The ruling was widely viewed as a victory for his supporters and a potential victory for the SPLA, which has been at odds with the ruling.

In a statement, Bashirs supporters said he deserved to die, adding that he would be held accountable for crimes against the people of Sudan.

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