Why do you hate this font? | The New York Times

article A font, not the article font, is the best choice for a newspaper article font.

A newspaper has a choice when designing a headline or heading for a publication.

The font is the way to say: “Hey, I’m going to call this article a story.”

The headline is what will be the first thing read.

If the story has a subhead or a headline that’s different from the rest of the article, that’s a bad headline.

The best font is one that’s consistent with the rest.

The choice of a font is an important one.

A great headline, for example, can look a lot different than a great story, or a great article, depending on the type of newspaper you’re writing about.

The wordmark, too, should be well-suited for the type and size of a newspaper.

When a newspaper is designed with a newspaper logo, the typeface is usually the only thing in the entire design.

This is why you’ll often see newspapers with an all-caps font.

That’s a better typeface than the sans-serif typeface you’ll find on many typefaces.

But if a newspaper doesn’t have a newspaper typeface, the font used is the choice.

The Times’ Times New Roman font is very good for headlines.

And the font is easy to read and use.

Times New Rom’s italics and bold italics are the perfect size for headlines, and the contrast between the two makes it easy to tell whether a headline is a headline and whether a story is a story.

It’s also easy to look at and read.

In fact, a Times New Latin typeface has the highest readability score for headlines ever.

If you don’t have one of those, a font like Times New Italic, Times New Century or Times New Times is better.

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