How to deliver newspapers to your home

ARBOR, Michigan—A Michigan man says he was surprised when his neighbors in a suburb of Ann Arbor delivered newspapers to his house.

Brandon Rupp, who lives in the small town of North Bend, Michigan, told The Daily Signal that his neighbors delivered a parcel of newspapers last month to his home.

When Rupp was told that he would be receiving the newspapers on Saturday, he thought it would be a random event.

Instead, the delivery came at the end of a long day, and was timed to coincide with the arrival of his local newspaper, the North Bend Herald.

Rupp said the deliveries surprised him.

“I thought it was a coincidence, and they were delivering newspapers,” he said.

Ranks among the country’s top-selling newspapers, the Herald has published stories on climate change, health, health care, and the environment since 1923.

The paper has also been a champion of the environment and conservation in its coverage.

“We do not discriminate against any religion, race, ethnicity, creed, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, physical appearance, medical condition, political opinion, or any other category,” the paper said in a statement.

Rudd said that he plans to file a complaint with the city, the local newspaper and the paper’s publisher, and he will also contact the Michigan State Police.

He told The Associated Press that he has been a subscriber for the paper for almost 15 years.

“It’s great to be able to read something from a place I love,” he added.

“My husband is a regular customer and we’ve been very happy with our paper.”