Baton Rouge Police Arrest 17 For Allegedly Shooting Black Men With Batteries In The Back Source Fortune title Louisiana Lawmakers Seek Legislation To Ban The Use Of Batterys For Shooting Targets Of Civil Rights And Hate Crimes – CNN

Louisiana state lawmakers are looking to pass a law banning the use of batteries for self-defense, which could make Baton Rouge a model for other states to follow.

The bill, which is currently under consideration by the state Senate, would make it a crime to use a battery for the purpose of self-protection in an emergency situation.

Louisiana already has some of the strictest laws for self defense in the country, and it’s expected to take effect in January 2019.

The law would also bar the use in public of the same type of battery, including a stun gun, that’s commonly used to inflict severe injuries on unarmed people.

The new bill, sponsored by Sen. George Johnson, D-Baton Rouge, says the bill would also apply to police officers and civilians who use stun guns in self-defence.

A recent federal study found that there were nearly 4,000 people killed by police officers in the United States in 2017.

It also found that nearly 70 percent of those deaths were not captured on body cameras.

It said the laws that have been passed in the last decade, such as the Stop and Frisk law in New York, are not effective.

Johnson said he’s hoping to introduce a bill this session to ban the use, but he says he’s still working on getting the details right.

“The data has been collected.

It’s not a slam dunk.

There’s a lot of information that needs to be analyzed,” he said.

Johnson also said he wants to expand the law to cover situations that could have a real-life impact, such an emergency.

“There’s a whole range of scenarios that could arise where you could potentially have a deadly situation and you have a police officer out there using lethal force,” he told CNN.

Johnson added that while he hopes the bill will be signed into law, he’s not certain how long it will take.

“It’s not like we’ve been waiting for it.

It may take weeks,” he added.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether the new law would be included in a broader police body camera bill that could come up in the state legislature.

“That’s what we’re working on right now,” Johnson said.

“We’re working hard on that right now.”

The Baton Rouge shooting sparked nationwide protests, with more than a thousand people gathering at the Louisiana State Capitol to call for reforms.

Johnson says that the new bill is not meant to be an excuse to not have body cameras in the city.

“I don’t think the people that were killed on Saturday should have died in vain.

We have a right to defend ourselves.

And I hope the law passes so that the police officers that are using lethal weapons don’t have to do it,” he explained.

“If they’re going to be using lethal, I don’t know if they’re gonna be using a stun weapon or if they can’t use it, but they should at least use it with a good reason.”

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