How to get the best Star Wars movie tickets

The movie is set to hit theaters in India on December 9.

However, a new issue of Star Wars Insider has revealed that the movie will be hitting theaters on December 8.

Star Wars fans in India will be able to buy tickets on December 6 for $15.

However the Star Wars film will be released on December 16 in the UK. 

Star Wars Insider, an unofficial website of the website, has revealed the movie’s release date.

The film will hit theaters on Sunday, December 9 in India, on December 7 in the US, and on December 10 in the rest of the world.

StarWars Insider also said that the film will also hit theaters around the world in December.

In India, the film is scheduled to be released in two parts, the first part being on December 3.

The second part is set for December 10.

StarWars Insider also added that the StarWarCon International in New Delhi, India, will be a huge event.

The show is set in December 2019, which means that it will be the big event for Star Wars.

The official StarWars website also revealed the first trailer for the film, which has the actors, crew, and fans in the audience.

The trailer shows a bunch of people standing around watching the film.

This is a fun way to introduce the movie, has said. 

You can watch the trailer in its entirety below.