The Trump administration may be on track to save Florida newspapers

The Trump Administration may be able to save some Florida newspapers that have been damaged by Hurricane Irma.

Sources told The Hill that the Trump Administration could save the state’s flagship newspapers as well as several others if it takes action soon to protect Florida’s largest newspaper chains.

Sources said the Trump administration has been working with the state legislature on legislation to preserve some of the state papers, as well.

They said some of Florida’s newspapers, including the Herald-Tribune and the Naples Daily News, could be saved.

The Trump administration is also considering a plan to help the Florida Public Press to save up to 40 of its state papers as well, the sources said.

The Florida Public Public Press and its sister publications are also among the top-selling newspapers in the state.

In the meantime, The Associated Press reported on Monday that the Department of Education has notified Florida schools that it is rescinding the accreditation of the Herald Tribune and the Daily News for failing to provide sufficient training on how to properly handle floodwater and other emergencies.

A state spokesperson told the AP that the decision to rescind accreditation was made by the Department’s Accrediting Commission for News and Media and not by the school boards.