China to open its first-ever ‘Chinese New Year’ newspaper

Beijing, March 1 (Reuters) China’s first-of-its-kind “Chinese New Years” newspaper will launch in the country, with the aim of boosting its local circulation and improving its coverage of the region’s turbulent political turmoil.

China’s official Xinhua news agency on Sunday reported that the state-run Global Times will open a newspaper called the “Chinese People’s Daily” to “strengthen the country’s national character and spread the message of national rejuvenation.”

The new edition of the newspaper will have “great importance” for China’s “national unity and harmony,” Xinhua said, adding that the magazine will also be used to promote local news.

Chinese New years are typically celebrated in Chinese cities and towns in the hope that it will boost economic growth and reduce the countrys reliance on foreign currency, according to the Global Times.

The newspaper, which will also include “popular and relevant stories from the world’s major newspapers,” will be published by Xinhua’s Global News Service, which has a circulation of 100 million.

Its launch comes amid the regions ongoing political turmoil, with Beijing facing accusations of failing to act on warnings from the United States and its allies that it could unleash a military attack on the South China Sea, potentially threatening Beijing’s claims over nearly all of the South and East China seas.

(Reporting by David Shepardson; Editing by Chris Reese)