What to know about the coronavirus coronaviruses outbreak in the U.S.

Portlanders will be seeing a spike in the number of coronaviral cases from next week, according to the Oregon Department of Health.

The state says it expects to have more than 10,000 coronaviroid cases statewide by Thursday.

That’s about double what it had last week.

The Oregon Health Authority says coronavirinuses are most common in the Southeast, but the virus has also spread in the Midwest and West.

The agency says there are three types of coronovirus, which are:A type called CNV-19 that causes respiratory illness.

Biovirus types C, D and E.

The U.N. has called for a global response to the coronas.

It’s also urged that the U,S.

and other countries, including Europe, invest in research and vaccination.

The governor says he is sending state health officials to the CDC to discuss the spread of the virus.