Arizona’s public broadcasting station to close, sever ties

Ana de los Santos, a reporter for the state-owned television station Televisa, will step down from her job next month, according to an announcement Friday by the broadcaster.

De los Santos announced her resignation on Twitter on Friday, saying she “felt that I had done nothing wrong, and that my actions had not crossed any line.”

Televiza said the announcement was made Friday, but did not elaborate.

De Los Santos is a former reporter for Televisión, which is owned by the state broadcaster.

The station has faced criticism for its coverage of sexual abuse scandals in Guatemala and Argentina.

Televisas reporting on the abuse scandal in Guatemala was widely criticized.

Telemundo, a Spanish-language television station, announced earlier this month that it would shut down its operations in Guatemala, and Univision is also planning to cease operations in the country.

A previous announcement said Televizas Guatemala coverage of the scandal would continue.

De las Santos began working at Televista in 2009.

In the past, she worked for Telemundos La Génera, a public television station in Guatemala City.

Telegrafía de Televías, which translates to “The Voice of Televisions,” has been broadcasting in Guatemala since 1984.

Telimundo, which broadcasts in Spanish, has also broadcast in the region since 1982.

A few months after joining Televistas Guatemala, De los Sos Santos reported on the scandal in Argentina.

She covered the trial of the country’s president, Mauricio Macri, who was accused of corruption.

The reporter said she was not involved in the investigation and did not know the details of the charges against Macri.

De Las Santos is not the first Guatemalan journalist to leave a state-run media outlet.

In 2016, former Guatemala City mayor Oscar Vázquez Lopez, who had been working for Telegrassos, was fired by the agency.

A report from the Guatemalan Broadcasting Commission, an independent watchdog, said that Lopez had received $50,000 in bribes and gifts from a company owned by an Argentine-based company.