‘Lonely Man’ Says He Is the Most Loved Person in America: MTV News


— A lonely man says he is the most loved person in America and that he will take it to the grave with him in the cemetery.

According to the man, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, his wife, Jennifer, is dying of lung cancer and that she has lost her job and health insurance.

Jennifer has been diagnosed with cancer and had her medical bills doubled to $400,000, according to the report in the Madison, Wisconsin, newspaper.

He said she is receiving chemotherapy and radiation.

He said Jennifer has a terminal diagnosis and that Jennifer has asked him to leave her alone so she can get through this.

The couple has two children.

He told the paper that Jennifer and his family have been trying to raise money for Jennifer’s funeral costs.

He told the newspaper she has been struggling to get through the chemotherapy treatments, so he will be at her funeral.

Jennifer and her family told ABC News that they do not understand why this man would ask for money to help pay for the funeral costs of a loved one.

They also said that Jennifer is an active and loving person and that they wish she had the courage to accept help and help others.

The man said he plans to be cremated.