‘The biggest threat’ to U.S.-India relations

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) President Donald Trump is expected to meet Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the White House on Tuesday as the two governments begin their first summit in years.

The meeting comes as Trump is working to forge a new partnership with China after decades of tension.

Najib, who was sworn in as prime minister late last month, is under growing pressure to mend ties with a U.K.-based government that has accused him of abusing its assets.

Trump has said he wants to make the United States and India a more “free and open” trading partner and is expected in the White Court to sign an executive order on the issue.

The leaders have long been at odds over economic issues.

The United States has cut off trade with India since the mid-1980s, when Trump was a businessman and a real estate mogul.

India has a long history of mistrust of the United Kingdom, which is also a U,S.

ally, and the two nations are currently engaged in a dispute over the disputed Himalayan region of Sikkim.