What are the top five newspaper fonts?

The first five newscasters of this week’s edition of the New York Times are named after the newspapers’ top five best-selling titles, but their styles differ in some important ways.

For example, New York City is named after a large swath of the city, while the Times of London is named for the British city that originally was known as London.

There are a few differences in the style of the Times’ first five newsrooms, but these are minor enough that we’re only going to highlight them in the hope that readers can get a better understanding of their personalities and how they operate.


Times New York, “The Big Bang Theory” The Times’ design for its fifth newspaper, The Big Bang, is a mix of a few old design cues.

The newspaper’s front is made up of the word “The” with its vertical axis, and the front cover is divided in half, with the Times logo below it.

This layout is reminiscent of the “Big Bang Theory”, which first aired on CBS in 2002 and spawned a franchise of spinoffs and spinoffs that have become huge worldwide.

Its first name is a pun on the word Big Bang.

The name “The Times” was chosen by The New York Academy of Design, which said the design was “inspired by the way the world has been shaped by newspapers and newspapers in general”.

The name is derived from the fact that the paper has the same number of papers as The Big Deal, a reference to the fact The Big Break is a major business.

This is a common design cue in print.


New York Daily News, “New York Times” This design is reminiscent, in some ways, of the logo of the Daily News.

The paper’s name is “NY Daily News”, and the first word of the newspaper’s name appears on the front, next to the word New York.

The first letter of the first letter is the letter “F” and the second letter is “N”.

The front of the paper is divided into two halves by a vertical line.

The “NY” is a capital letter, like “T” and “F”.


Washington Post, “Wall Street Journal” The Washington Post’s design is a combination of a bunch of old design elements that look familiar.

The logo is a small arrow with an “X” on top of it.

The front is divided horizontally into two parts: one of the left side of the sign and the other of the right side.

The two halves are lined up with an angle.

The top is a little larger than the other parts of the design, so it’s more visible.

The word “Wall” appears in the lower left corner.


Washington Business Journal, “Journal Business” This is similar to the logo from the Washington Business Post.

The Washington Business Journos logo is similar, too.

The business news website is divided vertically into two sections, the first one is labeled “News” and is a rectangle, like the News logo.

The second section is labeled, “Journos”.

It’s divided horizontally and lined up like a sign.


New Hampshire Union Leader, “Boston Globe” This newspaper’s design uses an old design element from the Boston Globe.

The banner is divided and angled horizontally.

The letter “T”, which is used in the name “Boston” and in the logo, is printed in blue on a red background.

This design resembles a newspaper headline.

The red color is meant to symbolise the red of the Bostonian’s blood.


Boston Globe, “Lucky Strike” The design for the new Boston Globe is similar in appearance to that of the Lucky Strike, a newspaper in the New England area.

The company’s logo is printed above a red line.


The Guardian, “Times” The Guardian’s design was inspired by the old logo for The Guardian.

The headlines are printed in a similar style to that used in The Guardian logo.


Associated Press, “Associated Press” The Associated Press’s logo features the letter E in its center, like The Guardian and The Boston Globe’s logo.


New Yorker, “City News” The New Yorker is a fictional character in the popular TV series Parks and Recreation.

The character is a New Yorker named Jack Newberger.

The city’s name, New Yorker and the word NYC are printed below the logo.


The New England Journal, New England Globe, New Hampshire Daily News and The New Jersey Observer all feature the letters “E” on the side of their headlines, similar to The Guardian but not as prominent as The Boston Herald’s logo, which is printed below a green background.


Associated Newspapers, “Newsweek” The names of the AP, USA Today, USA TODAY Digital, Associated Press and AP Digital are printed above the word US on the cover.


Associated Industries, “Coca-Cola”

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