When will the Phoenix Newspaper return?

The Phoenix newspaper that broke the Panama Papers story in July 2017 has been closed since then, the company behind it said on Monday.

The Phoenix, based in Sydney, Australia, was founded in 1872 by former soldier and former journalist Paul Harvey.

It was the first newspaper to cover Australian history.

The company said it will reopen in November 2018.

The newspaper said Harvey’s family had decided to leave the company and sell it.

“Paul Harvey and his family have decided that they will sell the company to the Australian Government, and in doing so we will be able to bring the Phoenix to a whole new audience,” a spokesperson said.

“It is our hope that the new ownership will work in partnership with the Phoenix community, and not just with a narrow interest in financial gain.”

In addition to the Phoenix newspaper, we have also established the Phoenix Centre, an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting literacy and information technology skills in the Phoenix area.

“The Phoenix Centre will provide an additional avenue for people to gain exposure to our community, provide a forum for people in the community to share ideas and share their experiences, and support the Phoenix’s future.”

Harvey, a veteran of World War I and the Korean War, was among the first Australians to make the papers the world’s biggest trove of financial information in 2016.

He died in November, just weeks after his newspaper ran a story on the Panama papers that exposed how the Panama-based Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca had secretly moved $1bn (£630m) through the law firm and its partner in Panama, law firm Gambetta.

The papers exposed the secret dealings of the Panamanians at the behest of the world power that wanted to keep the Panama financial system from collapsing.

More than 11 million people worldwide, including more than 1 million Australians, had their bank accounts and other financial records hacked by the firm.

The Panama Papers were published by German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, which has since said it was not a “foreign intelligence service” but instead a news organisation.