Why we love the new Hollywood blockbuster film, ‘The Interview’

Hollywood is a pretty big place these days, and that’s especially true of the big-screen movie world.

That’s because there are more and more films being made and more and better films being released.

But, if you’ve been following the big screen this year, you may be wondering what the buzz is about these movies. 

For starters, there’s The Interview, a satirical comedy that’s set in a fictional North Korean government office.

The film is slated to be released on February 6, and the film’s star, Seth Rogen, has hinted that he might be in the running to play a North Korean operative. 

“I’m really looking forward to making a movie about North Korea,” Rogen told The Hollywood Reporter.

“It’s a really interesting thing to think about.” 

Rogen is one of the best-known stars in Hollywood, and he’s got a pretty strong following among those who’ve made and seen his films. 

But even as Rogen’s name is getting a lot of buzz for The Interview’s release, the director isn’t the only one looking to make a big impact in the bigscreen. 

Ahead of its Feb. 6 release, Paramount Pictures is releasing an adaptation of the 1984 book The Interview. 

That movie, which is set to be directed by Seth Rogens co-star Adam McKay, has already earned praise for its satire of the North Korean regime, which, according to McKay, is “really pretty nasty.”

The movie is currently in pre-production. 

If Rogen is indeed in contention for the role of Kim Jong-un in The Interview or any other Hollywood-produced movie, there will be plenty of pressure on him to keep his word, as he’ll be working with an incredibly talented cast. 

He’s not the only actor looking to pull off a big hit, either. 

Tom Hanks, for example, has starred in a few films and directed two others in the past, including The Last Airbender and Wonder Wheel. 

While the studio has made it clear that the plot of The Interview is far from a real threat, there have been reports that the film could be a direct threat to the North.

And, according the Los Angeles Times, the North could be considering the film as a way to retaliate against the US. 

It’s an interesting story that the studio and its actors are attempting to tell, and they’re clearly not afraid to share their thoughts about what they see as a very real threat.