How to get busted for lying on your visa application

If you’re planning to visit Ireland or a foreign country, it’s important to understand the law on visa fraud.

In order to avoid getting caught, you must: 1.

Tell the truth about your intention to stay for a few days or months to visit a foreign place or event.

If you don’t, you could face criminal charges.


Make sure that your documents have sufficient information to establish your intention of staying for a short or long time.

If not, you’ll likely be denied entry.


Prepare documents with all of the necessary information.

You’ll need the following: a.

Your passport number (if you haven’t already done so) b.

A photocopy of your Irish passport c.

Proof of identity such as your Social Security card or an employer identification card.


Your visa application form (PDF).


Your proof of residency document, such as a visa application card, utility bill, etc. 6.

An invitation from the embassy in Ireland or another foreign country.


An explanation of why you want to visit the country or event and why you can’t stay for more than 30 days or for a limited time.


A valid photo ID that is acceptable for entry into the country.


A copy of your travel insurance card, such a health insurance card or a job card.


An agreement from your employer that you won’t bring anyone from the country who will disrupt the tourist’s work schedule.


A list of any documents required to prove your intention.


Your bank statements and/or credit cards to verify that you’re able to pay for your accommodation.


A written request from your embassy or consulate in Ireland.


An assurance from your foreign hostel or hotel that your accommodation will be secure.


A photo ID, such an ID card or passport, that you can use to prove that you are eligible to stay.


A document confirming that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your accommodation and your visa fee.


A letter from your visa officer stating that you need to show up on time to prove you intend to stay in Ireland for a reasonable period of time and to get a visa.


A form from the Irish consulate stating that the consular officer will issue a visa for you, if you meet all of these requirements.


An Irish passport.


An official passport issued by the Irish Embassy in Dublin.


A photograph of you or someone you know.


Proof that you will have sufficient documentation to show you have a valid visa and that you don�t have to pay additional fees or fees you don���t need.


A receipt from the Embassy of Ireland.


A statement from your Consulate of Ireland indicating that you may be allowed entry into Ireland for up to 30 days.


A request from a friend or family member who has lived in Ireland a short time to visit for up a week or more.


A personal statement from the consulate stating how you intend your visit to work.


A completed application form for an Irish tourist visa.


A translation of a visa form into Irish.

The application form must be completed by the applicant on arrival at the embassy or consulates.

It should also include a copy of the passport you used to enter the country (if applicable).

A copy should also be provided for any additional questions you may have.

It can also be downloaded and printed in your own language (you’ll need to sign a declaration in order to be granted entry).


A brief explanation of what you are intending to do and why.


A printed copy of a statement from a visa officer explaining the visa process.


A travel insurance policy (such as the one you received when you were granted entry to Ireland).


A certified copy of any travel insurance document that you used.


A certificate from the visa officer that you were issued with a valid and current visa.


A declaration from the Consulate indicating that your visa was issued and the reasons for its refusal.


A bank statement from an Irish bank showing your account balance.


An affidavit from a witness who can verify your identity that you present with a passport.


A signed copy of an official letter from the consul indicating that the visa application was granted.


A printable version of your visa form.

You must also bring with you: a copy or printed copy or a photocopy (not electronic) of the following documents: your passport, visa card, ID card, or other valid document issued by your government or a local embassy or government agency.

Proof from the Visa Bureau of Ireland (VBI) of any documentation you used or that you did not obtain from a foreign consular office.

Your full visa application (including a copy) and any supporting documentation.

A passport photo or other form of identification for your use while you are in

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