RTE report: RTE journalist injured in ‘minor altercation’ with ‘bizarre man’


— A reporter from the Denver Post has been hospitalized in Colorado Springs after a “minor incident” with a “bizarre person” outside a bar in the Colorado Springs neighborhood.

A reporter for the Post was walking with two friends on Friday night when a “person with a red backpack, a red jacket and a red scarf” suddenly stopped them, according to an account provided by a spokesperson for the Denver Police Department.

They told the Post that the “brawler” was “acting strange,” but didn’t elaborate.

Police said the incident happened shortly after 2 a.m.

Friday, and that they are investigating.

Police said they were called to the Publix grocery store on Washington Boulevard just before 6 p.m., where they found a “small man” in the parking lot.

The Post’s photographer was inside the PubLix when the man allegedly began throwing things at them.

The photographer said he grabbed his camera and ran, but he later called 911.

The man was eventually identified as 21-year-old James James White, a former student at the University of Colorado Boulder.

White told the police he had been walking down the street with two other men, a white woman and a black man, when he spotted a man who he said looked “crazy.”

White told police that he thought the man was trying to rob them and that he was going to get into his car and get away.

White then told police he got into his black SUV and began driving away from the Publsix.

White said that the car came to a stop about a half-block away.

Police later identified the car as a Ford Fusion.

The Post reporter was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.