How to fix Apple’s massive security hole

The security hole that has plagued Apple for more than two years has now been fixed, thanks to a new patch.

The issue, which affected every version of the iPhone 6 Plus from the original iPhone to the latest iPhone 6S, was first reported on Monday by Recode, and it appears to be fixed now, though it’s unclear whether it will have any impact on the company’s iPhone 6s and iPhone 6.

“We are very grateful for everyone who helped us to resolve this issue,” Apple’s VP of product management Scott Forstall said in a statement, according to Recode.

“It is an important update and we will continue to update the app with the latest fixes to fix the issue.

We will have a full blog post with the full details later today.”

It’s unclear how widespread the issue was, or how long it had been a problem.

Apple has previously said it’s working to fix its app-security problems, including an April outage that caused a crash for millions of iPhone users and a September glitch that resulted in some users losing data on their devices.

While there have been some other iOS updates that fix similar security issues, for example fixing a vulnerability that could allow a hacker to trick users into installing a virus on their phones, they’ve all been patch-free for months.