How to find out if a union has voted for you

I know it’s easy to make a big deal about this one.

The president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 627 in Nebraska says the union voted overwhelmingly to endorse Trump.

And it’s hard to dispute that the endorsement is unanimous, and that Trump beat Clinton in the state by almost three points.

But I have a question: What happened to that unanimous endorsement?

Did Teamsters President John Sweeney tell Teamsters voters that he thought Trump would win?

Or did Sweeney give it to a handful of union leaders who then decided not to endorse? 

When I asked Sweeney, who was elected in 2019, about the endorsement on Tuesday, he declined to answer.

Sweeney was sworn in as Teamsters president by union President Richard Trumka.

The endorsement was a surprise, he said, and he had no knowledge of it. 

“I think it was a little bit premature,” Sweeney told me. 

If Sweeney’s response is true, it’s an extraordinary admission that a union president, with his blessing, endorsed a candidate for president who was then a longshot candidate for the presidency, as well as a man who has never held elected office before.

And Sweeney may have given it to the wrong people. 

Sweeney told me the endorsement was done with the union’s blessing. 

He added that he would like to talk to Trumkas campaign manager, but that Sweeney was not willing to speak to the campaign. 

But Sweeney did say that he had never spoken to Trums campaign manager before. 

And he did not respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News. 

The endorsement was not just a surprise.

The decision to endorse a candidate who was not a sure bet to win the election is not uncommon.

Sweeney’s predecessor, James Pohl, who is now a union executive, had said in February that he believed that Trump would lose.

And the endorsement raised eyebrows among some union members.

But as I pointed out at the time, the endorsement did not indicate a preference for Trump over Clinton, and it did not signal any preference between Trumas candidacy and Sweeney’s. 

I asked Sweeney if he thought Trumals campaign team was trying to undercut Teamsters votes.

He replied that Trumans team had no comment. 

This was an unusual endorsement, but not unprecedented. 

A few years ago, President Obama also gave the endorsement of his brother, who ran for the Democratic nomination in 2008.

In that endorsement, President Barack Obama said that he hoped his brother would “lead the way” in advancing his agenda.

In the past, Trum’s brother, Rahm Emanuel, has been known to endorse candidates, sometimes as a form of political advertising.

In a 2015 interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Emanuel said that, in the long run, he favored Sanders over Trump. 

There is some evidence that Trump’s candidacy may have influenced the endorsement, at least indirectly. 

In November, The Atlantic’s Andrew Sullivan wrote about a study showing that, while Trump’s campaign did not specifically mention the endorsement during its campaign, it did indirectly impact the support of its top union officials.

The study found that when union members who had supported Trump were contacted about the election, they tended to back Trump in the coming weeks and months. 

That study was done by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think tank that specializes in foreign policy and national security.

The researchers looked at a database of 1.3 million union members, with information on their voting history, past support for candidates, and other data on their opinions of candidates.

They also looked at their vote totals and the relationship between votes and the candidates’ favorability ratings. 

After a number of candidates were selected for the election that November, the researchers asked the union members to list the union and their candidate, then followed them to the polls. 

They found that, when asked to rate candidates on each of a number that ranged from a neutral number to a strong number, union members were more likely to vote for a candidate that supported Trump.

They were also more likely than the other union members when asked if they supported Trump or Clinton. 

To be sure, the results of this study are just one piece of evidence.

They don’t necessarily tell us anything about how union endorsements impact elections.

But they do tell us that, even in a state where union membership is low, a candidate with strong union support could have an outsized influence on how the vote in that state’s election works. 

As it turns out, the union endorsement is one of a few things that have influenced how we understand Trump’s support in the country.

But the endorsement does suggest a couple things: Trump has more support among the people who actually vote in primaries and caucuses, than the union does. 

Trump is more likely and more popular than Clinton.

And Trump is also more popular in states that are part of the union. 

We’ve already seen evidence that the union is more popular among

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