How to get a better grasp of what Colombia’s most-read newspapers are reporting

Colombia’s biggest newspaper, El Nacional, has a habit of getting it wrong.

Its editor, Gustavo Marques, has been accused of racism for his response to the killing of Oscar Grant by an anti-war protester in a street demonstration in Bogota in 2008.

“I am proud of the paper because of the way I dealt with it,” Marques told The Guardian last year.

“It was a paper of hope.

There was a lot of hope.”

The story is still largely unknown, and some people are still wondering what happened.

The answer is that Marques was wrong.

The man who gunned down Grant was a drug lord.

He was sentenced to life in prison in 2007.

But he was later released, after serving a few years of a 10-year sentence.

He has not been charged in Grant’s death.

It’s been almost 10 years since the news of Grant’s killing was revealed, and the question of how it happened remains a big one in Colombia. 

“The answer to the question about the shooting was that the man who shot Oscar Grant was an anti-[anti-war] protester,” Marque said.

“And the answer to my question about what happened was that we tried to explain to him that the protest was illegal.”

El Nacron ran a front-page story in its flagship newspaper, La Nacion, on the night of Grant ‘s killing.

In the story, El Centro reported that the anti-government demonstrators were protesting against the Colombian government’s war on drugs.

According to El Centron, the man killed Grant “was a member of the so-called Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.”

The paper’s headline read: “Man shot, killed by anti-drug demonstrators.”

El Centrol is the newspaper of choice of anti-authoritarians in Colombia, who have long protested the Colombian state.

The anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and pro-feminist movements, which have gained support in recent years in Colombia’s sprawling countryside, have become increasingly vocal about their support for drug traffickers.

The anti-state protesters, who call themselves the Revolutionary Armed Groups of Colombia (FARC), were the target of a massive anti-militarisation campaign in 2014 and have been accused by human rights groups of numerous human rights abuses.

The FARC has been a major political force in Colombia since its founding in the 1980s.

It has been active in Colombia for nearly 30 years and has committed more than 7,000 homicides. 

La Nacion has a long history of anti, anti-“authoritarian” politics.

It is run by a political party called the Popular Unity Candidacy, which is largely made up of leftist and unionist politicians, and which has been involved in electoral politics since the 1990s.

The paper has also run stories about anti-immigration and anti-black racism.

It often promotes anti-American views.

But its coverage of the antiwar protests in Bogotá has been very different.

In fact, El Norte, the paper that runs La Nación, has largely taken a different approach to the protests.

In El Nacion, it has focused on a few of the more prominent protesters, such as El Centros president Manuel Santos. 

On the night Grant was killed, El Nuestra República, the newspaper El Centra, ran a story on the protests that focused on “the anti-Militarization Campaign,” referring to the anti war movement in Colombia that is supported by the US.

El Centru said the protest organizers had called for the killing, and said that Santos had told them “he did not like it.”

“But, in spite of this, he did not stop the violence,” El Centraci wrote.

“After the killing the people who were supporting the movement, who were fighting for the people, were attacked by the armed men of the Revolutionary Forces of Columbia.”

The Farc was the primary opponent of the military government during the war on drug.

But in the months following the killing and the protests, many of the protesters have also said they were not involved in the shooting.

In a 2014 interview with the newspaper La Nacion, one of the two protesters who died, Marquez said he did, in fact, see Santos at the protests who had previously been “a member of a violent group” and “a leader of a group that has been known for a long time.” 

But the FARC is still widely perceived in Colombia as a terrorist group.

It was implicated in the assassination of former President Juan Manuel Santos in 2006.

In 2014, a group of FARC leaders who were part of a secret peace conference with Colombian President Juan Perón said they had been told by Santos to “bring the Farc down.”

In April 2015, Perón publicly condemned the killing as a “crime against humanity” and said he would ask the Colombian Supreme Court to investigate the killing. 

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