When a computer is hacked, the media can’t help but blame it

A major computer breach has left thousands of Americans without internet access, and it appears they’re blaming the press for the problem.

The National Journal reported Monday that an unsecured password on the internet compromised the publication’s online database.

The passwords were used to access the database, and they were not stored in a password manager, which means it was accessible by anyone who logged into the computer.

The paper said that the attack was “likely the work of a nation-state” that “lack[ed] adequate encryption.”

The paper says the password was used to log into the database using the name of a man who used the name “Hacker News.”

The man, identified only as “The Dude,” has been arrested in Virginia on a warrant for allegedly breaking into a computer network belonging to the Associated Press.

He was arrested after the Associated States Department of Justice discovered that he had used a stolen identity to access credentials for AP’s online databases, the paper reported.

Hackers targeted the website of the AP, and the website has been down for several days, according to The New York Times.

The newspaper reported that the breach was likely the work-related of the NSA, the FBI and the FBI’s cyber division, but it wasn’t clear what exactly the government was trying to accomplish.

The Associated Press declined to comment.