Pakistan to open its first newspaper next week


They have no clear geographic boundaries and can fly anywhere in the world, but it is in the air and it is everywhere.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department has confirmed the country will open its newspaper on Wednesday and is expected to launch the newspaper on Thursday.

The paper will be called Pakistan News, and will be the first in the country to carry the title Pakistan Meteorology News.

Its first issue will be available for two weeks, from the end of February, and it will be distributed to every household.

The newspaper is expected take up one million of the country’s 5 million newspaper outlets and will run two pages a day.

The first issue of the newspaper will be delivered to the offices of the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBRC) and National Humanities Television (NHTV), the newspaper said.

“The Pakistan Meteorological department has decided to launch a new monthly newspaper on March 18, following the successful launch of the new national television channel, NHTV News, last week,” the newspaper quoted its publisher, Raza Bibi as saying.

Pakistan News is expected also to publish news and opinion from around the world.

PKK’S MILITARY SELF-INFLUENCE, IRAQI PENETRATIONS, AND PICKETED PAPER IN THE BORDER The Pakistan meteorological department said on Thursday that the first issue to be printed will be on April 16, a day after the official launch of NHTV’s new channel.

The paper will also be available on the NBRC website and the NHTV website.

The government has launched a new channel on March 15, after a year-long moratorium.

But the channel has faced criticism from many quarters, especially those from Pakistan’s neighbours India and Afghanistan.

Pakistani newspapers have not published many stories on the war in Afghanistan, the country where Taliban insurgents have killed hundreds of people and displaced millions, mainly women and children.

The Afghan media also criticised the NDTV channel, accusing it of giving “unprecedented access” to the country.

Pakistan has long been a bastion of free expression in the Middle East and North Africa, where newspapers and television channels play an important role in the dissemination of news and information.

In Pakistan, the Taliban, an Islamist rebel group, and other militant groups are waging a campaign against the government.

The war has killed hundreds and displaced more than 10 million people, and thousands have been killed in the conflict.

On March 6, a Pakistani journalist was shot dead in a street outside the capital Islamabad by a group of armed men, while he was covering a rally in the city for the launch of a new satellite television channel.

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